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Community Group Guidelines January 23-29
Ice Breaker: What do you think it must have been like to be a Disciple of Jesus? What would be awesome about the opportunity? What would be difficult?

Have you ever let a friend down? What happened?
What is your natural response when you let someone down?
Recap Peter’s story and his denial
Read John 21:1-19
– What captures your attention from the Passage
– From what you can tell in the passage, how do you think Peter felt coming face to face with Jesus again?
– How does receiving forgiveness from Christ change us? 
– How does receiving forgiveness from Christ change how we interact with others?
– Is there anyone in our life that we need to show compassion to?
– Spend time praying for those individuals and for the compassion of Christ to flow through us to them.


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What time are in-person services?

East Campus
Sat 5PM & Sun 9 & 11AM

North Campus
Sun 11AM

What time can I arrive & where do I park?

Doors open 30 minutes prior to service time.

East Campus
Parking for visitors typically is in the front of the building with ample handicap parking. The Kid’s Entrance is also located at the front of the building and we invite families with kids for Kids Church to park in the front.
There is additional parking around the back of the building as well.
Enter at the doors labeled “Sanctuary” at the front of the building or “Main Entrance” at the back of the building for direct entrance to the sanctuary. 

North Campus
Parking is available in the front and back of the building (265 W Britannia St, Taunton, MA 02780). Handicap parking is available in both the front and rear parking.
Side parking lot (with handicap parking) on Rockland St.
Street parking available on Chester St. and Rockland St.

Where do I go when I enter?

Masks are OPTIONAL! 

Stop at the “host station” upon entering as we have available “open” seating or “distance” seating based on your comfort level. 

Our Connect Team will guide you to where the seating options are. 


What is your cleaning policy?

Our cleaning practices incorporate recommended guidelines by the CDC. All surfaces are regularly cleaned & we continue to provide hand sanitizer throughout the building.


Do you offer online services?

Online services are on Sundays at 9 & 11 AM

How do I stream online services?

Online services are streamed on our Facebook & YouTube pages under “Christ Community Church East Taunton” as well as on our website.

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