NORTH CAMPUS  |  We are extremely excited and grateful for this great opportunity to be a blessing to the Whittenton (north) area of Taunton. Union church graciously donated their church building at 265 West Britannia Street in Taunton. For many years we have been praying for an opportunity to have a great connection with our friends and neighbors in this area of Taunton.

We are currently working hard preparing the building, raising funds, gathering a team, and meeting our friends and neighbors. Our Grand Opening will be November 14th at 11:00am.

If you live in the area of this location, you need to know this is a place that we are preparing for you!





  • Worship Services
  • Kid’s Church
  • Nursery

  • Youth Programs
  • Adult Community Groups
  • Spiritual Growth Groups
  • And other ministries geared to meet needs and connect people with Jesus      in a life-changing way

  • Cookouts in the Park
  • Movie Nights
  • Family Days
  • Kid Camps
  • Back to School Drives
  • Meals
  • Care Ministries


Meet the New Staff Team

Tom Mello North Campus Pastor
Rachel Correia Worship Director, North Campus
Becky West Volunteer Connections Director, North Campus
Shannon Quinn Volunteer Children's Director, North Campus