40 Focus



40Focus is a 40 day plan that includes 4 things. 

  1. Daily time with God in reflection and journaling

  2. Drinking the right amount of water

  3. Getting 40 minutes of physical activity daily

  4. Fasting from sugar, alcohol, and gluten 

By practicing these four things for 40 days we reset our mind, body, and soul. 40Focus helps us develop healthy disciplines in our life, starting with daily time with God, time to process our emotions, and a focus on how we care for the body God gave us. Along  the way we will make lots of discoveries about ourselves and God. 

40 Focus will begin February 1st as a church. You can start anytime of course. This is a great thing to do with a friend for encouragement and accountability. It is an easy way to invite a friend or family member who is not a follower of Christ to go through it with you. We have geared the daily reflection to be accessible to all levels of faith.

Books will be available at both campuses starting January 21st and the suggested donation is $10 per book. We hope that you will join us, we know you’ll grow in mind, body, and soul if you do!