Community Kids

Nursery – 5th Grade

Community Kids is Kids Church where they experience the life-transforming love of our Savior Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, Bible-teaching, and small group activities.

You can Pre-Register your child/children if they have never attended Christ Community at either location previously. This only needs to be done once, not weekly.



Momentum Program

Grades 3-5

Our Community Kids team will lead them in games, crafts, a Bible lesson, and where they’ll get to know more about Jesus and His love for them.

Drop-off at North Campus

Drop off: 6:00PM
Pick up: 7:30PM

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Where do I park?

East Campus – Parking is available at the front of the building for easy accessibility to the Kid’s Entrance.

North Campus – Parking at either entrance will allow you to check in your kids to Kids Church. 

Where do I go when I arrive?
East Campus – Please use the Kid’s Entrance at the front of the building to check in your kid(s) to Kids Church or Radical Sundays.
North Campus – At either entrance, a team member will be there to greet you and help check you and your child(ren) in.
If you are a first time visitor, you will be asked to register to check in. 


What is the tag my kid(s) get at check in?

Kids will receive a name tag and parents will receive a claim tag with a unique ID of letter/numbers that will need to be shown when you pick your child(ren) up at the end of the service. If your child requires medical attention or is distressed, the unique claim ID code assigned to your child that day will be displayed on the sanctuary video screen.  

Where does my kid go?

Parents/caregivers will bring their child(ren) directly to their classroom. Our Kids Church volunteers at check in will help you get where you need to go!

What will my child be doing?

Lessons are a combination of video and teaching. We use curriculum from The Gospel Project which is all Bible-based. 

Who will be with my child?

All Staff as well as Children’s and Youth Ministry volunteers are trained in our safety protocol procedures for both fire and intruder situations and have passed a background check. In addition, volunteers go through a screening and onboarding process. There will be a teacher in each classroom along with a Kids team member. 

How do I pick up my child after service?

Parents/caregivers with the claim tag of the child(ren) will exit to pick up at classrooms. Volunteers & staff will be available to help direct you should you have questions on which classroom your child may be in. Please show your claim tag to the teacher. 

What happens in an emergency?

In the unlikely event of an EMERGENCY EVACUATION, we ask that parents/guardians DO NOT pick up their children.  Staff members and volunteers have been trained and instructed on how to quickly evacuate the children from the building.  All children in kids church will be escorted to a safe designated area in the parking lot and will be released to their parents once the fire personnel indicate it is safe to do so.

What is the food/drink policy?

There will not be any food/drink available during Community Kids. A parent can send a child with a water bottle if needed.

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