Ministry Area Profile

A couple of months ago our Staff ordered a demographic profile of the 20-mile area that surrounds the Stevens St campus.  (The average CCC attendee travels 9-miles to attend and 64% travel less than 10-miles.)  The following is an overview.  The goal is multifaceted–we want to know who lives in our (primary) ministry area, what their concerns are, what they are looking for in a faith community, etc. so that we might better serve and engage our region.  Often times, meeting felt-needs through serving and building authentic relationships opens the door to meeting the real-needs of the soul.

“Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you…and pray to the Lord on its behalf; for in its welfare you will have welfare.” –Jeremiah 29:7

There are 1,332,126 people living within a 20-mile radius of CCC.  The lifestyle diversity in the area is extremely high with the primary population segments being:

  • Middle American Families (42%)
  • Ethnic and Urban Diversity (21%)
  • Affluent Families (17%)
  • Young and Coming (11%)
  • Seniors (7%)
  • Rural Families (2%)

The main household concerns are:  Dealing with Teen / Child Problems (19%), Dealing with Alcohol/Drug Abuse (17%), Finding/Providing Aging Parent Care (16%), and Dealing with Abusive Relationships (11%). 

The primary spiritual/personal problems are: Dealing with Stress 33%, Finding Companionship (18%), Finding Life Direction (15%), and Finding A Good Church (9%). 

Anglos represent 75% of the population, Latinos 9.5%, Asians 8%, and Blacks 7.5% (Asians are projected to be the fastest-growing group increasing by 17% between 2018 and 2023). 

The largest age group are GenXers (age 37 to 57) comprising 28% of the total population in the area. 

Eighty-seven percent of the area population have graduated from high school and 30% have graduated from college. 

The average household income is $91,012 with 47% of the population being married, 36% have never been married, and 17% having been divorced or widowed.  Sixty-three percent are white-collar workers and 37% are blue collar workers (the same as the national average).  Sixty-four percent own their own homes and over 20% have a commute of 45+ minutes with 80% driving alone. 

Over 70% of the population are either somewhat involved with their faith (33%) or not involved with their faith (39%) and a full 80% of the population likely prefer a leader who works with them on deciding what to do and helps them do it.  Thirty-nine percent are Catholic and 85% would agree with the statement: “I believe there is a God.” 

If Looking for a church people are likely to express interest in Family Activities and Outings (34%), Youth Social Programs (30%), Active Retirement Programs 30%, Bible Study Discussion and Prayer Groups (26%), Adult Theological Discussion Groups (22%), Marriage Enrichment opportunities (14%), Spiritual Retreats (11%), Parent Training Programs (7%), Twelve Step Programs (4%), and Divorce Recovery (3%).

Thirty-eight percent of the households are likely to prefer church worship which is both emotionally uplifting (28%) and intellectually challenging (10%).