The vision of CCC is to build the Kingdom of God. This fund is for the purpose of Kingdom building locally and globally now and for the future.  This fund will go toward paying off the current mortgage of $940,000.00 over the next 24 months and freeing up $7,400.00 per month of expenses. This will save $1.3M over the next 20 years, which will provide a greater opportunity to spread the gospel and expand the Kingdom of Heaven. Please join us in prayer and consider making a 2-year pledge to the Kingdom Building Fund. Join us in committing to investing in kingdom building, now and for the future, through prayer and finances.

Ways to give:

  1. Weekend offering or in the wooden offering boxes at the back of the sanctuary.
  2. Text To Give. Text any amount to 781-381-4338 followed by the fund name “Kingdom Building” example: Text “$15 Kingdom Building” to that number.
  3. Online. This is the best way as you can set this to automatically give every week. Be sure to select the Kingdom Building Fund from the drop down list.
    1. One time, lump sum gift click here:
    2. Set up recurring payments, click here:
  4. Mail checks to CCC, PO Box 325, East Taunton MA 02718. On the memo line, write “Kingdom Building”
  5. Using the CCC cell phone app. Open the app, across the top header, click on ‘GIVING’