CCC Lead Pastor Profile

The following is the Lead Pastor Profile that was approved by Lead Pastor Search Team and the CCC Elders:

The incoming Lead Pastor will serve as the spiritual, directional, and primary communicator of vision for Christ Community Church (CCC). This individual will serve CCC with the heart of a shepherd and the primary gift-mix of leader/preacher/teacher who is able to deliver sermons that are Christ-centered, (mostly) expository, challenging, life-giving, and are also appropriate to the felt needs and aspirations of Bristol County’s unchurched population.

The Lead Pastor will have a demonstrated history of lifelong learning as well as a commitment to spiritual and emotional health through self-awareness, a verifiable track record of both personal and professional accountability, managing and expressing his feelings appropriately, strong conflict resolution skills, being aware of how his past affects his present, living within his limits, a healthy work-life balance, and a joyful and stable home life.   

Partnering with the Staff, Elders, and Ministry Teams of the church, the Lead Pastor will spearhead the implementation of CCC’s unique core values and missional calling through equipping and mobilizing the local congregation.  This individual will be an empowering leader who has a demonstrated propensity to shepherd, teach, and exhort congregants toward building multiple effective teams that will grow the congregation while offering insight toward long-term strategic planning to accomplish the goals and objectives of the ministry.

A ‘seasoned’ leader who has demonstrated several years of professional/ministry successes in an executive management role, as well as a demonstrated commitment to serving and equipping beyond the local church through short-term missions, will best fulfill the Lead Pastor role at CCC.  An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution is required for this position, although a seminary degree is highly desirable.  Significant experience in senior management positions in the business sector will also be considered as helpful.  An understanding and familiarity with Policy Governance (Carver Model) and the Simple Church model are also preferred.


  • Heart of a shepherd
  • Primary gifting of Leader/Visionary/Preacher
  • Gospel-centered hermeneutic (i.e., the gospel is the central storyline of the both Old and New Testaments) and a commitment to biblical theology (as opposed to experiential theology)
  • Team builder, equipper, macro manager
  • Demonstrated commitment to integrating emotional health into the discipleship process
  • Demonstrated biblical conflict resolution skills
  • Demonstrated history of accountability (both personally and professionally)
  • Demonstrated, historical commitment to missions having served on and/or led multiple short-term trips
  • Joyful, stable home life with a supportive wife


  • Graduate degree from an accredited university or seminary
  • Working knowledge of a Simple Church ministry philosophy/model
  • Working knowledge of Policy Governance (Carver Model)

Update:  We have received the assessment report from The Slingshot Group regarding Matt as an internal candidate.  The LPST (which includes the Elders) along with the Staff have seen it. Matt is in the process of filling out CCC’s Lead Pastor Candidating Packet and the LPST meet this Thur evening (Nov 1) to determine next steps.  Please continue to pray for God’s wisdom and discernment!