What to Expect as We Return to In-person Services

In-person services every weekend!

Saturday @ 5 PM and Sunday @ 9 & 11 AM


Regarding re-gathering:

We are doing our best to cover all bases so we can ensure the highest standard of safety for everyone who enters the CCC building. As we adapt to the current climate and state guidelines relating to COVID and re-gathering, our top priority remains your safety. We have been working closely with local officials and constantly reviewing state guidelines. 

Things may look a little different when you enter Christ Community Church again. We will follow infection control recommendations, and to further reduce the risk of COVID-19, we have added some additional measures to keep our environment as safe for you and your family as possible.

  • Doors will open 30 minutes prior to service time.
  • Entrance/Exits in front and in back of the building to the sanctuary only.
  • Check in upon entering the building:
    • There will be two lines at each entrance. 
    • Please stay with your household or the people you came with to check in together. 
    • Stand 6 ft apart while waiting to check in.
    • A staff/volunteer will electronically check you in, confirming your contact information.
  • COVID questionnaire:
    • If you are sick or have symptoms of COVID, please stay home and watch on-line.
    • A short list of questions will be asked before entering the building relating to any exposure you may have had to COVID.
  • Upon entering the sanctuary:
    • Wear a mask at all times (unless you are medically unable to do so).
    • There will be a “host station” who will confirm the # of people with you.
    • You will be shown to a set of seats that match your party size. 
    • There will be people to show you to your seat.
    • All seats have been spaced apart to meet social distancing and CDC guidelines. Please do not move chairs. 
    • Please do not leave your seat unless it is to use the restroom or when it’s time to exit.
  • During the service:
    • Services will be shorter in length, approximately 45 minutes.
    • A digital bulletin will be available.
    • There will be a special “Kid-minute” during the service as well as activity packs for children as there is not any child programming or family room available. 
  • Exiting:
    • Please promptly exit and practice social distancing by maintaining six feet between you and others as much as possible in all common areas. 
  • Cleaning: 
    • Our cleaning practices will incorporate recommended guidelines by the CDC. All surfaces are being regularly cleaned and we continue to provide hand sanitizer throughout the building.

Where can I find reliable information about COVID-19?

This is a rapidly changing situation. Please refer to the CDC COVID-19 website for the most up-to-date information.

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Support the mission of CCC with a financial contribution. Give on-line here or text-to-give (Text 781.381.4338, type the dollar sign ($) and the amount you want to give. During in-person services, sanctuary boxes are available if you choose to give in-person. Need giving envelopes? Ask the host upon arrival.


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