Celebrate Recovery



Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12-Step Recovery Program based on 8 Recovery Principles derived from the Beatitudes...a 12-Step program where our Higher Power is Jesus Christ.


Who Attends Celebrate Recovery?


This program is for anyone and everyone with any hurt, habit or hang-up that has been an obstacle to discovering the abundant life that has been promised to us in Jesus Christ. Celebrate Recovery addresses the following issues: impulsiveness, food disorders, financial struggles, sexual or lust issues, fear, low self-esteem, perfectionism, all kinds of substance abuse, control issues, survivors of abuse, anxiety, depression, gambling issues, workaholics, anger issues and more.


What Happens at Meetings?


We begin our meetings with worship (music), a scripture reading, followed by teaching or personal testimony. Then we break into small discussion groups. Celebrate Recovery has been established wit the highest confidentiality and integrity in mind for each member. “What is shared here, stays here.

For further information please contact Pastor Jim O'Neill at jim.oneill@cccfamily.com



Mondays 6:30pm

518 Middleboro Ave, East Taunton




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