Enjoying The Journey


A Guide for Spiritual Growth 1.0  


In this 8 week class we will discover ways to deepen our relationship with Christ, the power of prayer, effective bible study methods, and the keys to a meaningful life in Christ. This class is for everyone from long time believers to those who are new to the Church or a new believer.                                                                                        

You will Learn

- Bible Study Methods

- Prayer Practices

- How to put your faith into action

- How to share your faith story

- Spiritual Gifts

- How to discover God's purpose for your life

- Life as part of the Body of Christ

Topics that we cover

Assurance of Salvation, Authority of Scripture, The Trinity, Church and Community, Relationships, Prayer, Spiritual Gifts/ How God shaped us, Stewardship.


Email Pastor Matt Thornton at ChristCommunity@cccfamily.com to sign up for the next class 

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