Our History


Christ Community Church began in a home basement on Rte 138 in Easton and then eventually moved to the Easton Grange Hall. On February 24,1985, the church was able to meet in the Scotland Congregational Church in Bridgewater. Since Bridgewater already had a church named Faith Chapel, its name was changed to Christ Community Church.

Unfortunately, the Scotland Congregational Church building went up in flames on March 20, 1987. This forced the congregation to meet at Asack’s Turkey Farm in West Bridgewater. The congregation continued to look for a building to call home.

During this same time, the church building at 518 Middleboro Avenue, where CCC currently meets, was occupied by the East Taunton Congregational Church. They only had a few elderly members left and financially were unable to continue. It was decided in 1988 that the two churches would become one church known as Christ Community Church.

The building at 518 Middleboro Avenue was originally built in 1856. Forty-one years later in April of 1897, it burned to the ground. A new building was designed and its cornerstone was laid on June 12, 1898.

Beginning in 2004, attendance began to grow and eventually three services were offered on Sundays and one service on Saturday evening.  To accommodate the needs of the church, development of the land at 41 Stevens Street began with the Ground Breaking Ceremony on May 25, 2008.  The first service held at the Stevens Street Campus was on December 12, 2010 with a special dedication on January 11, 2011.  

Phase 2 sanctuary was completed August of 2017. The new facility holds 550 people and frees up the gym to be a primarily youth space. 


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